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so hott!

I’ve screwed up and may have lost the one thing my life depends on.  Why am I so stupid, that I would throw everything I love away and put my life on the line of hoping everything works out.  Already, my night has gone from feeling excited, happy, and complete to feeling like nothing is gonna be ok, that all I want to do is sleep, that everything I’m doing with my life is a waste now.  There isn’t a reason to wake up and go to a class I don’t care about.  There isn’t a reason to pretend like I’m happy because I’d only be fooling myself.  There isn’t a reason to look outside, because I already know it will be gray and raining.  I’m terrified of my life now. Of what I’ve made it.  Of how my life will be the thing that takes it away.  All this brought upon myself because of stupid decisions, missing my priority, and overall, selfishness.  I should never have done the things I did.  Because for all I know, they could have been the last things I’ll ever do in life the way I know it…

I swear one of the worst feelings is feeling like you’re going to lose everything you’ve ever wanted :(

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Beautiful Eyes :)